“Lori has edited numerous complex, technical documents for us. She turns things around on time despite tight deadlines, and has been quick to respond to questions and concerns. She consistently applies our high standards to the documents that she edits. We will be sending more work her way.”
Rob Helm, Directions on Microsoft, 1/13/2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Lori Stephens is a wonderful editor. We’ve used her on many, many occasions for both small and large projects and she always delivers on-time and consistently exceeds our expectations for the quality of work. She always makes relevant and useful recommendations to improve the overall work and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lori and will hire her again.”
Nathan Wright, BuzzBee Company, 2/5/2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“Lori provided insightful observations and suggestions that made the final analysis of the work submitted more meaningful. In all business arrangements there are “price-value” expectations. In my view, Lori went above and beyond to assist me, thereby making the end-product stronger—I received everything I paid for and then some. All communications were timely, clear and detailed. Each phase of the working arrangement was dealt with in a professional manner. My specific areas of interest were thoroughly addressed; and, her additional helpful comments were spot-on.”—John Britto, Memos from Morgan

“After a rather lengthy period of searching for a local editor that I felt comfortable working with, Lori and I easily agreed on the type of editing services that I required and on a competitive fee structure. The editing process proceeded at a reasonable pace, considering my lengthy manuscript, and was completed in a timely and professional manner. Because I spent a lot of time crafting the story line and developing the characters, I just needed some ‘fine-tuning’ to improve grammar, punctuation and to reduce word count. Lori did a great job in providing these services. Prior to starting the editing process I read many comments online about other authors experiences with editors, and I wholeheartedly agree with their sentiments that a good editor can certainly help to make an author’s work into something they can confidently present to the world.”—John Mantzefield, Reborn from Earth

“You did a SUPERB job … you’re on my golden list.”
—Elizabeth Lyon, Editing International

“I personally would very much like to thank you for your patient careful work on the book. I was surprised to find how satisfying it was to work through your corrections.”—John Grinder, Turtles All the Way Down

“Your influence, guidance, and skills are reflected in page after page.”
—Michael Grinder, National Director of NLP in Education, Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt

Lori is a skillful professional and easy to work with. Her services met and even exceeded our expectations.”—Tim Hallbom, Beliefs: Pathways to Health & Well-Being

“Thanks for your amazing attention to detail.”—Leslie Schneider, BuzzBee Company

“I was very pleased with the level of attention I received. The work was performed in a timely manner. Lori went above and beyond what was expected. She took a process that I considered ‘overwhelming’ and broke it down into simple process that I could easily understand and follow.”—Shawn Brookshier, The Happy Moments: Moving out of Anxiety and Depression

“Excellent editing skills in both print and electronic media … Lori Stephens sizes up the big picture and quickly understands how to help a writer shape a piece so that it accomplishes the goals the writer has set for it … [she] quickly turned even the roughest pieces into gems of clarity.”—David Reynolds, Manager of Editorial Services, White Horse

We found Lori to be an invaluable resource. Our book was a technically written book that posed many editorial challenges, particularly for someone not trained extensively in our field. Lori was able to find that delicate balance of allowing the precision and nuances we valued, while at the same time making the book more accessible and easier to read … We would highly recommend Lori for her editorial work in any area. She has the ability to objectively sift through a work and add the polish that would make any author proud. She is extremely dedicated and can be counted on to do a superior job.”—Julie Silverthorn and John Overdurf, Training Trances

“High creative ability and organizational talent.”—Richard Zarro, Futureshaping Technologies, The Phone Book: Breakthrough Neurolinguistic Phone Skills for Profit and Enlightenment

“Lori Stephens did a marvelous job. Not only is the work she did professional, it also reflects a personal sense of taste and elan.”—Kim Stuart, The Uninvited Dilemma

“It is a pleasure to now sell a book I am proud of on the inside and out.”—Maryann Reese, Mega-Teaching and Learning

“Thank you for your great editing and support on this project.”—Bill Dresselhaus, Return on Innovation: Tools, Tactics, and Talent for Implementing World-Class Product Development

“You are on the top of the list when I need some editing.”— Lisa Perry, Collectors Press

“From my first contact with you until my book was fully edited, I was impressed with your professional approach. You helped me shape [my book] into its final, polished form with tact and rock-solid editing skills. It was a joy to work with you.”—John Hastings, The Drawing Breakthrough Book

“I find Lori’s attention to detail a lifesaver … and she isn’t satisfied
until her questions have been answered fully and accurately.”—Gartner Researcher

The work performed was beyond my expectations. My experience was extremely positive. Lori was thorough and had a great eye for detail. She made my writing come alive with her suggestions. It was the beautiful icing on the cake, and I am very pleased with the result.”—Dr. Cynthia Barnett, Prime Time Makeover: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

“’Eagle eye’ Stephens spots every punctuation error and grammatical mistake and she is a superb developmental editor as well. When Lori works on a manuscript, it is equal to anything published by major publishing houses.”—Al Siebert, PhD, The Survivor Personality

“Many valuable insights and corrections. The work was done quickly and professionally … I enjoyed working with you.”—Maureen O’Donnell, Scar Flowers

“I’ve heard back from the author and the customer … They were extremely happy with this. I’ve been getting thank you letters all day. The author expressly wanted me to thank you for this.”—GEX, Inc. Publishing Services

“I think I received great value for my investment. Lori was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I enjoyed working with her.”—Lawrence Deering

“As a first-time author, I didn’t know what to expect from the editing process. I read stories of people crying their eyes out when they got the manuscript back from the editor all covered in red. Some felt that their work had been butchered. So it goes without saying that I was a little cautious in choosing the editor. After reviewing several sample edits, I decided that Lori would be the best fit for my project’s needs. Her high level of attention to detail was the deciding factor. Lori had great advice for me and I got amazing tips that I will continue to use going forward. Thank you for helping me polish my first book!”—Anda Blandu

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