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May 19, 2013: Savvy Self-Publishing: The Critical Role of the Editor
Anyone can self-publish a book, but to publish a quality book, you need a dynamite editor. Learn all about how self-published books are edited, the full scope of the editing process, and tips about self-publishing.

  • The role of the editor
  • Levels of editing and the editing process
  • What to expect from your editor
  • Misconceptions about self-publishing

“The information Lori presented was highly useful. Thank you for presenting!”

April 7, 2012: Write a Book? Yes, You Can!  Watch the video invitation
Have you always wanted to write a book but keep putting it off for “the
right time”? The time is now. With nearly 30 years of experience in writing, editing, and publishing books, Lori Stephens has worked with dozens of writers who struggled to write their first book, becoming a “book whisperer” for anxious writers. This seminar gives you the inspiration to conquer self-doubt, stay on track, complete your manuscript, publish your book, and change the story of your life.

  • Your great idea or mission
  • Self-sabotage: Your writing terrors, fear of revelation or rejection, perfectionism
  • Writing blind spots
  • Writing fuel and dedication
  • Editing, designing, and publishing

Dec. 7, 2011: Pitch 2.0 – Sponsored by CreateSpace
Overview: At this event, attendees learned why a pitch is an essential part of book promotion, how to turn a good pitch into a great one, and all about CreateSpace and Amazon author tools. I joined a sterling group of editors who auditioned nearly 20 author pitches and provided feedback.

April 27, 2011: Seven Myths of Self-Publishing: An Editor’s Perspective
If you intend to write and self-publish a book, don’t miss this dynamic workshop. With over 25 years of experience as a book editor, and author of four self-published titles, Lori Stephens has encountered myriad misconceptions about the process of self-publishing, especially in the editing phase. As independent publishing companies such as Lulu and CreateSpace grow, so do the expectations of quality. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that make “self-published” a four-letter word in the publishing industry and how to make your book stand out with world-class professionalism.

“Lori had some good useful information on writing and editing
and publishing. Most useful was her sharing some of the books she’d published herself as well as other materials she brought in. Very organized and with a clear, straightforward agenda.”