Notable authors
John Grinder, Michael Grinder, Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Laura Huxley (wife of Aldous Huxley)

Money and Marriage
Steve Pybrum (Abundance Publishing)
The Art of Renewing Your Hope
Saha Nathan
Performance Management
Michael McMaster (Metamorphous Press)
The Challenge of Excellence
Scout Lee (Metamorphous Press)
John Grinder, Michael McMaster (Metamorphous Press)
Classroom Magic: Amazing Technology for Teachers and Homeschoolers
Linda Lloyd (Metamorphous Press)
Divine Intervention: An Unexpected Journey from Chaos to Clarity
Susan Anderson (Beyond Words Publishing)
Sales on the Line
Sharon Drew Morgen (Metamorphous Press)
Mega-Teaching and Learning
Maryann Reese et al. (Metamorphous Press)
Maps, Models and the Structure of Reality
Kim Kostere, Linda Malatesta (Metamorphous Press)
Making the Message Clear
James Eicher (Metamorphous Press)
You Are Not the Target
Laura Huxley (Metamorphous Press)
The Uninvited Dilemma
Kim Stuart (Metamorphous Press)
Training Trances
Julie Silverthorn, John Overdurf (Metamorphous Press)
House Mates: A Guide to Cooperative Shared Housing
Lori Stephens (Verbatim Publishing)
Thinking, Changing, Rearranging
Jill Anderson (Metamorphous Press)
Executive CoachingRussell Beale (BookPartners)
The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles
Jerome Wagner (Metamorphous Press)
Target Fluency
Michael Hager (Metamorphous Press)

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