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“Don’t move in with someone — anyone! lover, friend, relative or stranger — til you’ve read this book. Lori Stephens offers a lot of practical advice for people considering moving in with others to share expenses in this expensive time. Checking out this book first could save you a lot of heartache. While I didn’t find anything truly revelatory here, it’s a terrific checklist for things you might not think about in the meylee of having to make a decision about such a significant move in your life. Worth every penny.”
— Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent advice and very well written.”
— Sylvia Hearing, Landlord

“Perhaps you have a house that’s bigger than you need and can share it with one or more person. Or maybe you’re looking for such a living situation. Before you do, you might want to read House Mates: A Guide to Cooperative Shared Housing, by Lori Stephens for the ins and outs of doing it successfully.”
Georgene Muller Lockwood, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Simple Living


In student dorms or co-ops, living with relatives or living together, most adults have tried shared housing — finding that it sometimes works harmoniously and sometimes becomes a battleground of misread assumptions.

House Mates offers valuable information and first-hand advice on how to create a cooperative shared-living household, clearly define agreements, and resolve disputes.

Make your house healthier and happier by knowing:

— How to assess basic personality traits
— How to create a House System
— How to get privacy when you need it
— How to negotiate with housemates
— Rules of behavior for guests
— Respectful communication
— Your legal rights as a renter
— and much more!

If you live in a shared household, are seeking or forming one, House Mates will give you proven strategies you can use now to improve the quality of your home life.

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