Reviews for Alpha, Omega

“Cults have never been good news for the religions they parallel. Evil fairly drips from this story of a PTSS victim who now must face her boogeyman again as a scientist-detective delving into the group religious psyche of Omega. I read this book in one sitting, convinced that as a believer, I would find something to roar about in Ms. Stephens’ gripping portrayal of a nasty man and his nasty companions. Nothing good could come out of self-serving religion, the author seems to say. But I was caught by the emotional struggle of her two protagonists to create a real relationship, in the rawness of the present, in the hope of something honest.

While The Da Vinci Code asks the question, ‘Is our eschatological symbol for goodness who we think he is?’ Alpha, Omega asks “Come on now, what does it really mean to be human?”

—Decia Rowland, PhD, Scholar of Religion



“Can you trust what you read? In this thrilling adventure, Lori Stephens explores the potential language has to influence our beliefs and actions, and how dangerous the knowledge of this potential can be in the wrong hands. When a strange book is connected with a grisly murder, Gatsby Donovan is selected to help decode its cryptic language. But as she deciphers the strange syllables, she discovers that there is much more to this text than just the words on the pages—and even she may not be able to resist its power. Alpha, Omega will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Gatsby along the path of an investigation which soon consumes her life, ultimately forcing her to confront her own hidden, painful past.”

—Katy McElroy, Seattle, WA

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