Books by Lori Stephens


House Mates: A Guide to Cooperative Shared Housing

The “Survival Guide” of cohabitation—how to find, keep, and be a good roommate. “Don’t move in with someone til you’ve read this book!”

The Mindful Dog Owner: What Your Dog Is Teaching You about Living Enlightenment

By finding the Middle Way, as dogs do without effort, the mindful dog owner chooses The Middle Way espoused by the Buddha. In the delight of “scratching where it itches,” both dogs and humans infuse each day with joy. With the simplicity of a Zen rock garden, The Mindful Dog Owner advances dog ownership as a lifelong practice of graceful action, attention, and harmony.

“A must read for new and old dog owners”
“A “dogosophMindful Dog Owner-frontical” read”
“Should be required reading for anyone thinking of getting a dog”

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